Are You My Mother?

Cat and Fawn

Throughout the summer a mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) doe and her fawn visited our yard (near Lookout CA, Modoc County) almost every day. (see “Mule Deer Fawn” on 08-13-2013) They made the rounds eating our pear and plum trees, grape vines and other ornamental plantings. We are happy to share.

Over the last week the fawn spent almost the entire day wandering about our yard, however, the doe is nowhere to be seen. Leonard and I are concerned that perhaps this little fawn’s mother was killed. The fawn seems healthy and eats vigorously so we do not disturb it.

The other day our cat, Sophie, was sitting on the back deck. The fawn noticed the cat and was obviously curious. As I watched from my kitchen window, the fawn walked up to the deck and appeared ready to step up and check out our cat. Unfortunately, at that moment the loud timer on my oven went off and startled the fawn, who walked off. The fawn was not overly frightened, but decided that it preferred to be a bit further away from the annoying noise.

This post is not going anywhere. I thought the picture was cute and wanted to share. While watching the fawn approach the cat, the Dr. Seuss book, “Are You My Mother?” crossed my mind and I visualized that the fawn was searching for its mother. (I must have read that book a hundred times to my son and daughter when they were young.) We do not feed or interact with the fawn, but if it is an orphan, perhaps the safety of our yard will help it survive.

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12 Responses to Are You My Mother?

  1. Now I’m curious – has the little fawn come back to check out the cat??!

    • gingkochris says:

      Glad Timmy survived! The deer (and other wildlife) aggressively eat everything I plant. So I do not even attempt gardening. The critters are welcome to anything on our property, including the hay stacks.

  2. betty daniels says:

    How nice to enjoy, hopefully Nature will be kind to this baby.

  3. Deanna Jarvie says:

    Enjoyed this post, Chris.

  4. rockie96054 says:

    Sure hope the fawn survives…even better it finds it’s mother.

  5. tracy ferguson says:

    Awwww! Sweet photo and I enjoyed the story. I certainly hope the fawn survives! Please post updates!

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