Yellow Inside-out Flower

Superficially, except for its color, the yellow inside-out flower (Vancouveria chrysantha) resembles the northern inside-out flower (Vancouveria hexandra – see “Northern Inside-out Flower” on 06-04-18).

Upon closer examination other differences can be noted.  Some of the ways yellow inside-out flower differs from northern inside-out flower are:

*The leaves of yellow inside-out flower are not deciduous, but are considered semi-evergreen since they persist throughout the winter.

*The basal, pinnate leaves are not twice divided into threes but are three to five foliolate (three to five leaflets).

*The petioles are red and soft hairy.

*The yellow inside-out flower inflorescence is a raceme (unbranched), not a pannicle (branched).

*The flowers are yellow.

*The petals are shorter than the sepals.

The California Native Plant Society considers yellow inside-out flower rare. This native perennial has a more limited range – the mixed and pine forests of NW California and SW Oregon below 400 feet.

Golden vancouveria, yellow vancouveria and Siskiyou inside-out flower are other colloquial names for V chrysantha. “With golden flowers” is the meaning of the species name and derives from the Greek “chrysos” (golden).

Leonard and I found these yellow inside-out flowers along the Stony Creek Trail in the Six Rivers National Recreation Area, Del Norte County CA.


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