First Goslings

First Goslings

For years a friend and I had an informal competition each spring to see who could locate the first goslings of the season. Although Dave and I no longer continue that rivalry, I continue to search for the first goslings of the season.

This year I saw my first goslings on April 15th – in time for Easter. Actually several Canada goose (Branta  canadensis) pairs recently hatched their goslings at Baum Lake (Shasta County CA). In addition to this pair, there were three other sets of parents and goslings – all approximately the same age. The goslings are so cute.

For those who follow my posts: The Canada geese still occupy the osprey nest near Crystal Lake (Shasta County CA). When I checked on the 15th the female remained on her eggs while the male stood watch nearby. Perching on branches in nearby ponderosa pines were two osprey. When I approached, the osprey both circled over the goose on “their” nest while making their distinctive calls. The osprey never bothered the goose and eventually flew back to their trees.  If I anthropomorphize, I can imagine that the osprey are reminding the goose to hurry up and vacate the nest so they can begin to raise their family. See the beginning of this story at “Sublet Osprey Nest” on 03-31-2017.

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