Siskiyou False Rue Anemone

Blossoming between February and April, Siskiyou false rue anemones (Enemion stipitatum) were one of the first flowers I found this spring. (See First Spring Wildflowers 03-20-2017)

An uncommon plant, the Siskiyou false rue anemone is native to and only found in Northern California and Southern Oregon. It grows in shaded, moist forests.

A perennial, this false rue anemone has one or more erect, unbranched  stems arising from a tuber. It only grows a few inches in height. The leaves, which are covered with a whitish “bloom” (glaucous), appear toward the top of the stem and have three-lobed leaflets. The solitary flowers at the end of the stem have five petal-like white sepals and no true petals. Several white stamens are topped with small yellow anthers. The dry fruits, when mature, contain smooth, round seeds.

Other common names for Siskiyou false rue anemone include western isopyrum and dwarf isopyrum. Isopyrum was the former genus name of Siskiyou false rue anemone.

I love this tiny spring flower which was photographed along the Pacific Crest Trail above the Crystal Lake Fish Hatchery (Shasta County CA).

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