First Spring Wildflowers

Each spring Leonard and I enjoy searching for the first wildflowers of the season. The “winner”, of course, depends on where and when we are hiking – definitely not a scientific determination.

Often a buttercup, violet or cutleaf cinquefoil is the first wildflower we see. This year (an unusually wet and cold winter) I found two wildflower species on March 13th, later than I usually discover the earliest wildflowers. The “firsts” this year were spring whitlow grass (Draba verna) and Siskiyou false rue anemone (Enemion stipitatum). Both are very small white flowers that only grow an inch or two in height, so one must look closely to see them.

Spring whitlow grass was also the first flower I noticed in 2016 – on March 1st. These plants were growing along the road to Baum Lake (Shasta County CA). A previous post, Spring Whitlow Grass on 04-20-12, describes this plant more fully.

The Siskiyou false rue anemone was photographed along the Pacific Crest Trail above the Crystal Lake Fish Hatchery, not far from the spring whitlow grass. I never described this lovely plant before so will do so in my next post.

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