Yellowleaf Iris

Yellowleaf iris (Iris chrysophylla) is a native perennial found in the Cascade Range, Siskiyou Mountains and Klamath Mountains of California and Oregon. Its habitat is open coniferous forests.

Growing from rhizomes, yellowleaf iris has a flower stem with one or two terminal flowers. The basal leaves are narrow, upright and slightly reflexed with a pink to reddish base. The flower has three petals, three petal-like sepals, three stamens and a three-parted ovary. The petals are white with a central yellow area and distinctive bright, brownish-red veins. There is a long corolla tube tapering to an ovary below. A short pedicel is below the ovary. The fruits are capsules containing the seeds.

Slender-tubed iris is another common name for I. chrysophylla.

These yellowleaf iris were photographed along the Pacific Crest Trail near Burney Falls State Park (CA).


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