Mexican Jay

Mexican Jay

Mexican Jay

With its bluish face and uppersides, the Mexican jay (Aphelocoma ultramarina) is a colorful bird. The back has a greyish cast and a brownish patch in the center. Underparts of the Mexican jay are pale grey.  Unlike many other jays, the Mexican jay does not have a crest.

Found mainly in the pine, oak and juniper woodlands and canyons of the Mexican mountains, the Mexican jay’s range extends into extreme southwestern New Mexico and extreme southeastern Arizona. It is largely resident throughout its range.

Foraging on the ground or in trees, the Mexican jay’s diet consists of acorns, pinyon nuts and occasionally arthropods and lizards. Excess acorns or nuts are cached or hidden.

A social bird, the Mexican jay is often found traveling in loud, raucous flocks.

This Mexican jay was feeding in the Madera Canyon area of the Coronado National Forest near Green Valley AZ.

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  1. usermattw says:

    What a pretty shade of blue!

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