The bushtit (Psaltriparus minimus) is a very small bird with a long tail. Loose contour feathers often give it the look of a fluffy ball. Grey all over, the upper parts of the bushtit are darker while the under parts are lighter. Some subspecies have brownish patches on the head. The bill is small, conical and black.

Bushtits are usually found in flocks throughout the West. Year-round residents (in the northern part of their range they move to lower altitudes in the winter), these social birds are constantly in motion as they glean small insects and spiders in woodlands and scrub areas.

Bushtits weave hanging pouch nests from moss, spider webs and grasses. The tubular entrance is on the side of the nest.

These bushtits were foraging on the spillway between Baum and Crystal Lakes (Shasta County CA).

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2 Responses to Bushtits

  1. lin says:

    That must be what I saw yesterday flitting from our bitterbrush to the juniper and back…always moving !!!

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