Smooth-leaved Saxifrage

Members of the saxifrage family tend to be hairy and have their flower parts in “fives”. Smooth-leaved saxifrage (Micranthes integrifolia) follows this pattern with five sepals, five white petals and ten stamens (male pollen producing structure). The unlobed leaves form a basal rosette from which a stem topped by a compact, conical inflorescence arises. There are no cauline (stem) leaves.

A native perennial, smooth-leaved saxifrage grows in vernally moist areas of grasslands and grassy mountain slopes in the Pacific Coast states. Montana and British Columbia.

Smooth-leaved saxifrage is also commonly known as northwest saxifrage and grassland saxifrage. Recently the genus name of smooth-leaved saxifrage was changed from Saxifraga to Micranthes.

These smooth-leaved saxifrage plants were photographed on a vernally moist rocky slope near the Lower Ash Creek Campground (Lassen County CA).

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