Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

Golden eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) are one of the largest raptors in North America. An adult golden eagle is dark brown with a golden sheen on its nape and crown (head and neck). The back can also show a golden color.

Even though this golden eagle, photographed along County Road 91 near Lookout CA, is sitting on a utility pole, I like the picture even though it certainly is not a prize-winning nature picture. Usually my pictures of golden eagles show a dark brown bird without a visible golden sheen. I love that the color giving this magnificent birds its common (and species) name is evident.

Golden eagles have a tri-colored bill – dark tip, lighter base and yellow cere (enlarged area at the base of the bill through which the nostrils or nares open). Careful observation also shows the three colors on this golden eagle’s bill.

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4 Responses to Golden Eagle

  1. Mike Powell says:

    I love the shot. I see Bald Eagles fairly regularly, but have never seen a golden eagle. What a magnificent bird!

  2. rockie96054 says:

    I saw a Bald Eagle yesterday as I was leaving town …it was on the last power pole on the old rd into town…unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me.
    Another great post & picture, Chris

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