Chipmunk Drinking

In the Pacific States there are eleven species of chipmunks, some of which can only be separated by the shape of certain bones (difficult with a live specimen) or a cluster of other characteristics including habitat and geographical distribution. So as I did with the manzanita in my previous post (11-09-15),  I will only classify this cute little chipmunk as a Tamias sp.

This chipmunk climbed onto branches overhanging the spillway between Baum and Crystal Lakes (Shasta County CA). He perched precariously while drinking, but was nimble enough to maintain his balance, after which he sat on small, low-hanging branches and appeared to be eating something. Chipmunks eat seeds and fruits, but I could see no obvious food.

Chipmunks hibernate and store caches of food for periods of waking during the winter or for use in the early spring when snow still covers the ground.

No matter what they are doing, these little rodents are always interesting to watch as they scurry about.

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