Blue-eyed Darner in Flight

Blue-eyed Darner

Blue-eyed Darner

Some dragonflies are difficult to photograph because they flit about in constant motion, while others perch for long periods and make excellent “models”. Recently the blue-eyed darners flying along the Tule River (Shasta county CA) all seemed to be in “hover mode” allowing time to focus. As suggested by their name, blue-eyed darners have bright blue eyes and faces, blue stripes along the thorax and an abdomen that is a mosaic of blue, black and copper. Beautiful!

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2 Responses to Blue-eyed Darner in Flight

  1. Mike Powell says:

    Great shot. It is never easy to photograph a dragonfly in flight, even one that chooses to hover as this one did. It is a gorgeous species as well.

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