Surprising Sapsuckers

Over the years Leonard and I have seen only two or three red-breasted sapsuckers (Sphyrapicus ruber) in our yard (Modoc County CA). Although this red-headed woodpecker is a year-round resident in our area, they prefer coniferous forests and oak-conifer riparian woodlands to our pastures and cottonwoods. Until recently. . .

As with the Lewis’s woodpeckers that unexpectedly appeared around our house (see Lewis’s Woodpecker 09-19-14),  several red-breasted sapsuckers are working our trees.  We have no idea why the sapsuckers suddenly find this atypical habitat appealing – drought, climate change, food distribution or?? For whatever reason, Leonard and I are happy to have them around.

These pictures show both a Lewis’s woodpecker and red-breasted sapsuckers outside our home.

A previous post on red-breasted sapsuckers can be found at “Red-breasted Sapsucker” 07-22-11).

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