Killdeer Chicks

Although I often find and observe killdeer (Charadrius vociferus) nests, the chicks always manage to hatch when I am not around or gone for the day. My friend, Rockie, has monitored a killdeer nest near the Lookout Post Office (Modoc County CA) since four eggs were laid over 22 days ago. Today the first two killdeer chicks arrived. I rushed over to Lookout as soon as Rockie called with the exciting news. Two eggs are yet to hatch.

Two Killdeer Chicks

Two Killdeer Chicks

One killdeer (I assume Mama) stayed at the nest and watched over her new offspring:

Mama Protecting Baby

Mama Protecting Baby

Meanwhile the mate (Papa?) spent the entire time I was taking pictures trying to distract me with a broken wing display (see “Broken-wing Display” 6-11-12).

Broken-wing Distraction

Broken-wing Distraction

More information about killdeer can be found in my earlier posts: “Killdeer” 2-15-12 and “Killdeer Nest” 6-10-12.

Thanks, Rockie!!


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2 Responses to Killdeer Chicks

  1. rockie96054 says:

    You are VERY welcome. The pictures turned out great. Hopefully we can catch the other two as well & see them move around.

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