Good News

After following an osprey (Pandion haliaetus) pair raise and fledge a chick on this blog last year, I decided not to repeat the same type of posts this year. But I simply cannot resist passing along the good news that an osprey pair is again using the same nest.

Leonard and I saw our first osprey of the season on March 26th in the Fall River Valley (CA). Osprey winter in the Southern States, Central America and South America. Last year the osprey were back on March 17th. I checked the nest a few days later but there was no activity around the nest. By April 6th when I returned again, two osprey definitely had decided to raise a family in the nest. Yes!!

I do not have a blind or use camouflage. When the birds see me at a distance, as in the picture of the two birds in the nest together, they get nervous and usually fly off. I situate myself close to the nest and remain very quiet. Before long the osprey return and go about their usual activities. The birds know I am there, but tolerate me as long as I am still. I can watch the osprey for hours that way.

The second picture show an osprey returning to its nest (near Crystal Lake, Shasta County CA) with a stick which it arranged and rearranged. The single pictured osprey remained in the nest while its partner appeared to challenge and chase off another osprey that ventured close to the nest.

I plan to again watch and photograph these beautiful birds throughout the spring and summer. With luck, the osprey pair will once again fledge at least one chick.

A few osprey posts from last year include: Osprey Repairing Nest, Osprey Courtship, Osprey Babies and Fledgling Osprey, among others.

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