Common Madia Continued

The common madia  that I introduced yesterday (Madia elegans) is interesting because its flowers are closed during the day and open at night. Also curious is that a stem can have blooming and mature, dry inflorescences at the same time.

As seen in the photographs, taken on the road in front of our property (Modoc County CA), a single common madia, also commonly called elegant madia, stem has dry bracts from which the achenes (seeds) have been dispersed, in addition to branches with flowers and buds. There is no great story here, I  was simply fascinated by several flower stages on the same branch.

The dry, open bracts almost look like a flower in their own right – pretty to my eye. Note that the stalked resin glands remain on the dry stem. I can attest that they are still sticky. When winter snows cover the ground, the dry common madia remains will continue to add a bit of simple interest to the landscape.

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