Male Pronghorn Herd

Male Pronghorn

Today is the Fall Equinox!!

We are fortunate to have pronghorn (Antilocapra americanna), also commonly called pronghorn antelope, in the pastures and fields surrounding our property. A social animal, pronghorn move higher into the mountains during the summer where they may be free from annoying pests. As winter approaches the pronghorn move back into the valleys to avoid the deep snow. Does and their growing fawns begin to join together to form small herds and young males below the breeding age also join in small groups. After the rutting season these pronghorns and the breeding males will create large herds for the winter. (I have counted as many as 300 pronghorn crossing the road in one group.)

During the “golden hour” before sunset I recently saw these male pronghorns across the road from our house (Modoc County CA). They were alert to my presence but, as evidenced by the fact that not all of them stood up, I was not considered too much of a threat. Pronghorn are curious animals.

More information on pronghorn can be found in one of my several previous posts on pronghorn. (Pronghorn Antelope, Pronghorn Vestigial Horns, Pronghorn Antelope Herd, Pronghorn in the Snow)

Fall is in the air!

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