One More Owl Picture

Family Portrait

OK! I said the post a few days ago on our five barn owl “babies” (Tyto alba) would be the last time I visited the barn owls for a while. Well. . . .  I went to check on the owls again and found all five juveniles sitting together on the hay hook near the top of the barn. (The two parents were on other rafters.) I am so proud that all five owlets survived that I had to share their family portrait. Some people carry around pictures of their grandchildren, I show off my owls!

It is probably too early to be certain, however, it appears as though there might be one female (the darker bird) and four males. I am speculating based on their coloration at this point. Females are usually darker than males. As the younger ones mature further my assessment may change.

You can see the white owl droppings on the barn walls and rafters. Leonard has to put tarps over the hay under areas where the owls particularly like to roost in order to keep the hay from being damaged.

Every night the young owls and their parents congregate in the poplars outside our bedroom window (Lookout CA). Their calls and chatter continue until dawn. The young birds are becoming proficient in catching prey and caring for themselves. I will miss the young owls when they disperse leaving only the parents.

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3 Responses to One More Owl Picture

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  2. Lin says:

    Thanks for the FAMILY PORTRAIT…a fitting final photo as we’ve had the privilege of following their progress.

    • gingkochris says:

      Now if I could only get a true family picture including the parents. The probability of seven owls close enough to photograph together is pretty slim. Hope springs eternal. . .

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