Owl Chick Update


It already happened!!

I mentioned two days ago that at least one of the four barn owl (Tyto alba) chicks in our barn would probably fall out of their bucket nest. It happened sooner than I expected. One little owlet is already on the barn floor. As the remaining three in the nest continue to grow and become more active, a second one very likely will fall from its crowded home.

This occurs every year. The parents continue to feed and care for the “outcast” baby and most years it grows to maturity. The young owl moves around on the floor and finds warmth and protection amid the hay bales. As I have said before, Leonard and I have a “hands off” policy and let nature take its course.

Shortly after I took this picture, the little owl moved under some nearby feed sacks and appears to be doing fine. I will continue to check the family each day. Further updates to follow. . .

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5 Responses to Owl Chick Update

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  2. usermattw says:

    Aww. It must be hard to maintain the hands-off policy in situations like this.

  3. Lin says:

    He’s SO CUTE !!!

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