Nest Check

Nest-building Osprey

Just an update: Over the last few days I checked all the nests I am monitoring this season and that I have mentioned in the last few weeks. The kestrel pair, although we cannot see the nest because it is between the double wall of our hay shed, definitely has a nest. At Ash Creek Wildlife Area the red-tailed hawks are already sitting on their eggs. Wish I could see how many eggs there are. Meanwhile at Baum Lake the Canada goose couple, identified by the limping female, are incubating their eggs (three of them). The great blue herons in the rookery are on their nests. It will not be long before I can begin, hopefully, to share some pictures of the chicks.

The osprey at Crystal Lake continue to redecorate their nursery. They did get a later start on their nest, but I am anxious to know if there will be eggs. Maybe on my next visit the osprey will finally have settled down on their eggs. I took many pictures of the osprey carrying twigs to their aerie.

I particularly like this photo because there is a stick in each talon.

The next update will be baby pictures!

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  4. Nancy says:

    Beautiful picture ! Can’t wait to hear the chick update .


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