Bobcat Part 2


Leonard and I, curious about all of the nighttime activity around our house, recently decided to acquire a motion-triggered critter cam (infrared for night observations and light photography for daytime). We have seen skunk, coyotes, deer and finally a bobcat (Lynx rufus).  

Bobcats, commonly called wildcats, often follow old trails. We regularly observe their tracks in livestock trails on our property. So along one of the trails was a logical place to set up the critter cam.

Bobcats resemble a large domestic cat and although their size can vary, they often weigh in at about twenty pounds. Wildcats are a tawny brown with dark spots on their back and sides. The undersides are yellowish white, spotted with black. The legs are spotted on the outside and barred on the inside. Ear tufts and a bobbed (short), black tipped tail are unique field markings.

About 7:00 PM the other evening a bobcat passed the camera. How exciting!! Although it was walking in the wrong direction for a good frontal picture, the bobbed tail leaves no question about its identity. Unfortunately the infrared pictures are not of the best quality. But we do not care. All Leonard and I want to do is learn more about what goes bump in the night around the house (Modoc County CA). What fun!

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3 Responses to Bobcat Part 2

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  2. Lin Erickson says:

    Chris, Rob and I enjoyed the Bobcat parts 1 & 2 (plus I scrolled down to show him other postings you have). I’ve actually seen these tracks between our house and River Ranch Road (on the constrution road) but did not know what they were. Thank you for helping me confirm we do have Bobcats in the area.


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