Gemmed Amanita

Several days ago I wrote about the grisette (Amanita vaginata), an amanita that is edible, with caution. A poisonous amanita, the gemmed amanita (Amanita gemmata) was growing not far from the grisette in a conifer forest outside of Ashland OR.

The gemmed amanita begins its fruiting cycle covered in a universal veil (membrane covering the entire immature mushroom), looking much like a puffball. As the stalk grows and the veil ruptures, it leaves small white patches on the cap. The universal veil also remains as a basal cup attached to the bottom of the stalk. A partial veil (membrane covering the gills on a unexpanded cap) covers the gills, resulting in a ring on the upper stalk. The stalk is slightly cottony.

The cap of the gemmed amanita is a buff color and tacky when wet. The crowded gills  are white and not attached to the stem (free). The spores are also white. The margin of the cap is radially lined. Since the cap of this specimen is not totally opened the lining on the margin is faint.

The gemmed amanita is found growing on the ground in oak and pine woods throughout North America as well as in urban parks. Poisonous, but a pretty mushroom to my mind.

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