Walking on Water

When the coyote in yesterday’s post realized I was watching him, he did not appear particularly concerned. He slowly ambled toward a drainage ditch separating us and walked out onto the frozen water. The coyote then stopped and stood for several minutes. He seemed to be concerned about something on the other side of a little rise. I could not see anything. Eventually the coyote turned and walked  directly in front of me and toward me. Er, nice doggie! About twenty feet away he veered off into the junipers and rocks on the bluff.

About the size of a large collie dog, a coyote’s  gray to grayish brown pelage (coat) is long with a black stripe along the back.  The animal’s under parts are whitish, while its nose, ears and back legs are reddish. Coyotes’ (Canis latrans) tails are long, bushy and dark at the tip. While running, coyotes’ tails droop. The ears are large, pointed and held erect. The nose or snout is also pointed.

Today’s pictures show the coyote walking on the frozen water and crossing the frozen ditch while approaching me. In the third photograph the reddish color behind the ears is easily seen

The coyote story continues tomorrow. . .

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